Caring for Your Quartz Countertop

No Sealing Required, Easy Maintenance

All About Taking Care of Your Quartz Countertop

Quartz Countertops Never Need to Be Sealed

Quartz looks like 100% natural stone but in fact is an engineered stone that incorporates ground quartz with bonding agents and color pigments. The result is a beautiful countertop that looks like stone, has a hard, granite-like surface, and best of all requires no sealer to protect the surface.

Routine Cleaning of Your Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertops are easy to clean. The key is to use mild detergents that are pH neutral mixed with water and a soft, clean cloth. Many homeowners keep a spray bottle of diluted pH neutral cleaner and a microfiber cloth handy for everyday cleaning. Never use abrasive or harsh chemical cleaners. At Capital Stone, we carry pH neutral cleaners that are designed specifically to clean quartz and other natural stone surfaces. Call or stop by our showroom and we can tell you more about cleaning your quartz countertop.

Avoid Direct Heat Contact on Your Quartz Countertop

Unlike natural stone, you should avoid placing hot pots and pans directly on a quartz countertop. A quartz countertop is approximately 90% natural quartz. Because it is not 100% natural stone, it is also not impervious to heat. It may discolor, melt, or delaminate under extreme heat conditions. We recommend you DO NOT place anything that is above 150 degrees on your quartz countertop. Use trivets or potholders under any pots or pans that are hot, and your quartz countertop will be completely protected.

Contact Us with Any Questions or Concerns About Caring for Quartz

Remember that we are with you every step of the way, and that includes our customer service after installation. If you ever find yourself having questions about or issues with caring for your quartz countertop, feel free to call us or drop by the showroom and our experts will answer your questions and help resolve your concerns.

When you choose to buy a natural stone or quartz countertop from Capital Stone, we’re with you every step of the way. Our countertop design experts work with you to make the right stone selection for your needs, and work with you to design a countertop that exceeds your expectations, while our installation experts ensure you achieve the best possible result. Select from stunning granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, or quartzite at our Albany and Saratoga Springs showrooms. We look forward to helping you make your countertop dreams come true!

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