Marble Countertops

Rich Beauty that Transforms Rooms

Why Marble Countertops?

Stunning Beauty

Marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones in the world. Michelangelo used marble for some of his finest sculptures, and you can choose marble countertops to bring that kind of spectacular beauty to your home. They turn ordinary rooms into extraordinary kitchens and baths, and when coordinated with new cabinetry, fixtures, and home décor, the transformation is amazing.

Amazing Variety

There are countless variations of marble based on their origin, and each type has unique colors and veining. Even when the marble has the same origin, every slab is unique as the marble will vary in the size of the grains and the amount of veining. There are finish options too: Honed (matte), polished, and leather. All this variation combines to make it fun to find your slab.

Highly Durable

Throughout the ages, marble has been chosen as the building material for most important structures in the world and has withstood the test of time. However, marble is the softer of the countertop choices and does come with a bit more maintenance. But as a strong natural stone, it is still highly durable, and with a little extra care will age gracefully with your home.

Excellent Return on Investment

While marble is considered extravagant, it does not necessarily come with a bigger price tag compared to other natural stone countertops. For those considering the resale value of their home or building, marble is a wonderful material to select because the return on investment can be the highest. Marble also ages and patinas beautifully, which can add even more value to the sale.

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When you choose to buy a natural stone or quartz countertop from Capital Stone, we’re with you every step of the way. Our countertop design experts work with you to make the right stone selection for your needs, and work with you to design a countertop that exceeds your expectations, while our installation experts ensure you achieve the best possible result. Select from stunning granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, or quartzite at our Albany and Saratoga Springs showrooms. We look forward to helping you make your countertop dreams come true!

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